Top 5 places to eat in New York

  1. Jack Wife’s Freda



My Plate: Mint Lemonade – Rosewater Waffle (topped with lebanese yogurt, mixed berries and honey syrup) Rose Plate: Fresh Cantaloupe Juice- Green Shakshuka (2 baked eggs in a green shakshuka served with challah toast)

2. Blustone Lane


My Plate: Cappuccino – SPICY CHICKEN (Chipotle aioli, spinach, tomatoes and gruyere cheese on ciabatta) Rose Plate- Cappuccino- PUMPKIN PANCAKES (Chai-poached pear, fresh banana, topped w/ honey-cinnamon butter, pepitas, pecans and maple syrup)

3. Dough

I’m really not a huge donut fan, the most I can eat is half a donut ( at least that’s what I thought). This little donut shop is located in Brooklyn, the atmosphere is great, although the place seem to be always busy, the service is great. I had the cafe au last donut, first off each donut is like the size of both my hands combined, the flavor variety is overwhelming ( IN A GOOD WAY). There were so many options to choose from, the texture and toppings of each donut is so good. This donuts made me look at donuts differently.

4. Brooklyn Cupcakes

Hands down the best cupcakes, that I’ve ever had. I ordered the dolce de leche & a cheesecake cupcake, It was so delicous words can’t describe. Personally I feel like the cake itself was basic nothing extraordinary, but it was the icing that hit the spot. The icing was so soft, and had the right amount of sugar and literally will have you crave more.


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