Back To Campus : Top 5 Favorite Planners

I get so hype about starting a new semester simply because it gives me an excuse to buy a new planner. I love planners & always buying a new one, especially if they cute.

So on today’s post, I’m sharing some of my favorite planners that I’ve used over the years


1. Lilly Pulitzer: All the planners have the same layout with a large variety of prints to choose from.  I currently own the ” Flamenco Beach” print in the medium. This planner is perfect if you need a planner just to write due dates, a few assignment reminders. If your not the type to plan your every move, this planner is perfect for you.

Price: $24-$30

2. kate spade: This one is very similar to the Lilly journals in terms of layout, without all the preppy colors. This planner is perfect for the minimalist girly-girl.

Price: $30-$36

3. Day Designer: When I first purchased this planner in 2016, it was being sold at target and now the brand is no longer available at Target. You can still purchase it through their site. I would have to say this planner has been my favorite.

Price: $19.99

4. Publishing Academy: Unlike the other ones mentioned above, this one is much longer and thinner; the same size of a regular notebook. With longer pages comes more space.

Price: $14.99

5. The Life Planner: This is the only planner mentioned in this post that I’ve not used/own before. I’ve been admiring this planner for years and I think this year I might be ready to make such large investment. Unlike other planners, the life planner allows you to customize every page to your liking. With free printables, an unlimited amount of stickers, it’s every organization junkie’s dream.

Price: $55-$60

I know some of these prices might be extreme to some for a simple planner. So here’s a list of places you can find some of the cutest planners, as well as other stationery supplies for the LOW LOW.

  1. Ross
  2. Tj-Maxx
  3. Marshalls
  4. Burlington
  5. Micheals

Price: $5-$20

Hope this post was helpful! if it was felt free the share the wealth.


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