Vacation // HAITI

Happy new years EVERYONE!! 
Update: I am aware that I haven’t been consistent with my blog lately and I made an entire vid on my channel explain why, check it out here. Basically I have been very occupied with school and work as I mentioned in my video. Since its a new year, I want to to start off on a right foot, so I decided that I will upload a new vid every monday on my channel and update this blog every wednesday..keep in mind that the days are subject to change.
I went to Haiti recently, and for those who didn’t know I am Haitian. I went to go visit my family and decided to share some of the images I captured during my trip… 
The first few images was taken on mountain call 500 steps to the Miraculous Medal (It’s literally 500 steps). this place is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and have become a popular pilgrimage site where thousands of pilgrims and tourists flock to these stairs to satisfy their spiritual needs. ( Citation: 
Have any of you guys ever climbed a mountain?