1. Clorox to-go wipes
2. Tide to go stain remover stick ( My holy grail)
3. NYX lipstick 
4. Tampons/ panty liners
5.  Nivea Lip Butter
6. Clean&Clear Oil absorbing sheets
7. victoria secret (sample) body mist
8. Clinique Mini powder brush
9. Ricola cough drops
10. Pocket tissue
11. Bobby pins ( optional)
I believe that every women should own one of these bags, because we switch bags so much its ridiculous. Due to the fact that we switch bags like everyday, we often forget things that are so important behind. I know how it feels to leave the house without my tampons, and mother nature sneak up on me…or when i forget my tide to go stick and its ” drop everything on my clothes” day. To avoid any of these things from happening, keep a small bag packed with your everyday essentials so that you will be ready for any accident that come your way. I have several of these bags in different sizes, to accommodate different size of purses. 


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