May Favorites

Due to the fact that I have a shopping problem, and I am always trying new things every month, I am here today to share all the things that I have been loving in the month on May!!

to clarify some confusion, I started a new blog, and deleted my old one, for those that are wondering. I tend to get bored with things pretty fast, and i was getting bored with my old blog. I decided to start a brand new one, even though that mean i have to start from scratch. Also, I am also in the process of building a christian blog   ( I am still trying to think about what i should name it). 

Anyways, summer is finally here, and I am OFFICIALLY done with High School YAY! the month of may have been a roller coaster ride, but ended great. Well along my roller coaster ride, i made a few stops and bought some things. 

DISCLAIMER: if you are familiar with my old blog, some of the things on here, i have mentioned before. Also, some of the things were given to me as graduation gifts, just to put that out there!

 lets get into it….

First thing i have been loving this month is the OGX penetrating  oil. The end of my hair extensions tends to get dry at times, and adding a pea size amount ONLY to my ends makes a huge difference. Although i don’t  recommend putting this all over your hair if you have extensions, due to the fact that it can make the hair greasy and loose its texture. you can use it on  your natural hair. 
1. Every month I try to buy new products to test out different products, including make-up remover wipes. Most wipes I’ve used in the past didn’t really satisfy me, Ifeel like they didn’t remove everything. Being the lazy person that I am, I rely on remover wipes to remove everything, so that I don’t have to go through the whole cleansing/wash process. So, when a make-up remover wipes don’t complete the job that it’s are suppose to do, you’re left with ugly break outs in the morning. 
I decided to give the OLAY FRESH EFFECTS EXFOLIATING MAKE-UP REMOVER WIPES a chance, and I was highly satisfied. One side is made with an exfoliating texture, and the other side is smooth, although I wouldn’t recommend this to people with sensitive skin, because its slightly rough on the skin, but overall its really great. 
2. I went to Lush about 2 weeks ago, looking for my usual ( ” Cosmetic Warrior && Dark Angels Please”) and sadly they didn’t have cosmetic warrior, and the sales person their recommended that i try the LOVE LETTUCE face mask, she felt that it would be great for me, since i have a combination skin type, and she was SO RIGHT! this stuff is the BOMB.COM. I also purchased one of their bath bombs in PINK, I loved the scent so much I re-purchased it.  
3. Also my first time trying any St.Ives products, and to my surprise this scrub have been great to my skin.
Mac brow pencil in spiked
Mac Fix+ setting spray
Maybelline New York BB Cream in medium/deep sheer && deep sheer ( walgreens)
Urban Decay palette- Sephora

Mac concealer palette in medium/deep
Some of these things are very repetitive, most of them Ive mentioned in my old blog. I won’t go into details of each, but since its been getting hotter and hotter everyday, I had to change my makeup routine a little bit. Instead of doing my usual foundation, I switch it out with a BB cream, because its lighter and gives me less coverage leading to a more natural look. 
I recently purchased the REAL TECHNIQUES STIPPLING BRUSH, and I have yet to put t down, it makes applying foundation so much easier, and gives a flawless finish. 
I have always been a liquid liner type of gal, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try gel liner. I bought the RIMMEL LONDON GEL LINER IN 001 BLACK, I am still wondering why I waited so long to try this stuff, only downfall is I am not to crazy about the brush that came along with it, but its so easy to apply. Highly recommend beginners to start with gel liner. 
Marc Jacob- Daisy eau so fresh
1. Tazo green tea ( local grocery store)
2. Essie Nail Laquer in Rock the boat ( Marshalls)
3. DWHome Sugared pineapple candle (Marshalls)
4. Guten free Macarons (Marshalls)
Basic Crop tops- H&M
1. MK Wrislet- Macys
2. Watch- charming charlies
3. Knuckle rings- H&M
All Black sandal Heels-
Black and Gold sandal heels-


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