Do You Boo!


” They’ll hate you if you do, they’ll hate you if you don’t. You might as well do you boo” These were the words that I had to tell myself a few days ago. I have suffered from self-confidence in the past and although I have come a long way, some days I still struggle with it. As a blogger and putting myself all over the internet, I’m always wondering things like ” would people like this? Is this ok to wear? should I look different?”. Sometimes these thoughts can start to consume me…

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How It Started…

Ok! the other day, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this post on the shade room. It was a random post about Rihanna showing respect to the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. As much as I try to avoid the comments, somehow I always end up reading them anyway. I have come to see a pattern in those comments. There are two kinds of people in the comments. For example, in a case of an event, if a celebrety or anyone stays quiet ( on social media) and not speak of the event, there are those people who drag them; for not speaking up and not using their platform to raise awareness. In the same way, if a celebrity does speak up or come up with a call to action, they still get drag. I’ve seen things like ” you not black enough”, ” you can donate more than $100,000″, ” you can do better than that”. I realized WOW, you truly can’t please everyone. I’m always conscious of what I wear, what I say, how I act in order to please people or make certain people feel comfortable. Suddenly It hit me, truth is I’ll NEVER be able to satisfy everyone, so I might as well dress however the F** I want, and do things because they make me happy not because someone might think ” why you acting white?” or ” why the hell she wore that, she’s ugly”.


This is for the women who are tired of living according to the world’s standards & the thought of pleasing everyone, “you will never be able to satisfy everyone, so you might as well do what makes you smile” and most of all…



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Outfit Details

Sweater: Zara

Plaid Button Down: Forever21

Boots: Boohoo

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Bag: Thrifted


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